About Me

My name is Vansh Vermani and I am a high school student at Westview High School, who is crazy about tennis. Tennis is my passion, and I play for my high school. I love to follow the ATP and WTA tour each week. The match-ups and the dynamics of tennis excite me, to the point where I love to analyze all aspects of the game, (statistics, numbers, percentages, as well as well as strengths and weaknesses, and intangibles). I am also a tennis writer, I write for two magazines, “Tennis View Magazine”, and “Tennis Tuesday”. I am  not good enough to be a pro, but I tell myself it doesn’t  matter because tennis is something that stays with you the rest of your life. All the life skills you learn, combined with the ability to handle the pressure you face on your own, will help you someday in the future with whatever path you choose. My other hobbies include ping pong, listening to music, playing the clarinet, and studying.